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    • Stuck during mobile phone use
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    • 2018-03-29
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    1.Too many applications active in the background, causing the mobile phone to run slowly, it is recommended to run the "one-click cleanup" program;

    2.Use of third-party software programs causes compatibility problems, or has downloaded or installed too many third-party software. It is recommended to uninstall the software or use a different source of software to download.

    3.Too big file slowed down the operation of phone. It is recommended to clear the file in the file management to release the storage space; regularly clear the cache and develop the habit of closing background programs;
    4.If there is stuck on the mobile phone system, it is recommended to re-flash the firmware of the mobile phone or to update it to the latest version.
    If none of the above methods can solve your problem, please bring the purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest KXD customer service center for testing and processing.

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